Saturday, January 23, 2010

Would You Buy a Calendar?

Just throwing this out there....had an idea to raise some money for SCH.

What if I took photos of the kids that I took on my trip and put them in a calendar?  (I know, January is nearly gone.  I could start it with Feb, although that is weird)

Snapfish is having a sale on calendars right now, 35% off, so if I sold an 8.5 x 11" calendar for $25, there would be $8 left over per calendar to send to SCH.  This would include $2.50 to ship to you (if it turns out to be more than that, I'd just cover it)

Is $25 too much to pay?  I want to make the proceeds worth my time.

Is it too late to buy a calendar?

Is this even worth it?  If we went through Paypal, they take another 2.9% or something, so by the time you pay me and I forward the proceed via Paypal to Sarah, it would be down even more.

A desk calendar (smaller) could sell for $20 but would net only $5.50 for Sarah.

I've never done anything like this before, but the thought popped into my head.

Please if you have any thought at all about this, would you comment below?  Say if you would buy one or not, and leave your thoughts on the worthiness of this project (even if you wouldn't buy one, I'd like your opinion on why).

And maybe there's a cheaper way to do it.  If it happens, I'd have to jump on it quickly as the Snapfish offer is only good until 1/31 and we're already almost to Feb.

And Sarah, I guess I didn't even ask your permission.  If this is a no-go, please say so.  I won't be offended.  I'm assuming the market would be strictly people who have been following our specific trip.  Mostly.



Pan said...

You have an amazing life!Keep up the good work & God bless !

Nikki said...

I have bought one before for Hero Holiday, a program I volunteered for. The guy who works for Hero Holiday is an amazing photographer, so the photos were beautiful. It was a combination fo the gorgeous photos, the proceeds going to Hero Holiday, and the connection I had with Hero Holiday that made me get the calendar. All that to say, I have no idea what your photos look like, but if they are decent photos I think people would buy it if they have a connection to Sarah or India. It would be difficult to sell it to people who don't.

Jane said...

So I'm just thinking outside the box here as I think you have a great idea here. Costco has a 8 1/2/ x11 calendar for $9.99. I ordered them for Grandparents for Christmas and they turned out REALLY nice! I your not a member or are inclined to delegate I'll be happy to create!