Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Today was our semi-annual dentist extravaganza.  All 7 of us go at once.  Mr. GT starts us out first thing in the morning, then dashes back to work.  Rose Bud went next and Nonny very graciously agreed to drive in separately and dash RB back to school.  Nonny also graciously agreed to take Sunshine after his cleaning back to her house.  Sunshine and the dentist's office are just not a good match.  Too much expensive equipment for him to finger.

Anyway, following all that, the other 3 needed x-rays and sealants and I finally got my turn.  Through it all, we talked about everything with our sweet hygienist, Linda.  Linda and her husband, Dr. Dan have been my dentist pair for almost 20 years.  Early on I converted Mr. GT to their office and when my mom moved here, sent her there as well.

It's sort of a family affair.

And now they see all of our kids.

Anywho, we talked about the trip, a lot, and at the end, Linda said, "Oh, and before I forget, I have some toothbrushes for you.  You can fit in some toothbrushes, can't you?"  Wow!  I didn't even ask for anything and never thought about toothbrushes!

So I will be coming 36 toothbrushes heavier to India.

Also thanks to
Sandy & John
Cindy & Alan
David & Heidi
Luann & Barney