Sunday, October 25, 2009

Help Me Help Sarah's Kids

November 2009

Dear Friends and Family,

As you probably know, our two sons were adopted from India. Now, we have been blessed with an incredible opportunity to return to India to give back to the country that has given us so much. My oldest daughter, Rose Bud, and I will be traveling to Ongole, India from January 9-20, 2010 to partner with Sarah’s Covenant Homes, a partner of India Christian Ministries (ICM).

Less than two years ago, Sarah received a clear call from God to care for some of India’s most severely disabled and unwanted children. To date, she has received 46 children from government orphanages and has placed them in two family-style group foster homes where children who came to her malnourished and suffering have blossomed with love, medical care, spiritual nurture, education and good nutrition.

Rose Bud and I will be sharing our love of education with some of the children while we are there. Sarah has asked that we set up a mini-camp and teach 8 children in the areas of geography, science, English, sewing, Bible and math. These are children ranging in age from 7-12 who, because of their previous orphanage experience, have received no formal education!

In addition to contributing our time, we also want to assist financially where ever we see the need. We hope to help purchase school uniforms, educational materials, wheelchairs and medical supplies among other things.

To that end, our goal is to raise $4000. We are praying for 100 people who will share $20 with us and 10 people who will share $200 to allow us to bless the children. This $4000 is not for any of our expenses, but to provide enriched opportunities for Sarah’s kids!

To share $20 with us, you would need to set aside just $2 each week between now and January! Of course, donations of any amount are welcome.

You may donate via credit card through ChipIn at the top of the blog. ChipIn works via PayPal. (FYI, PayPal does take a 2.9% fee from your donation, which on $20 is about 60 cents. If you wish to add a little bit to your donation to cover this, it would be welcome, but if not, we understand) If you'd like your donation to be tax-deductible, you can email me at for info about that.

We ask for your prayers:
For our mission and our team
For the children at the homes, for Sarah and the staff
For children still suffering and in need of homes

You can learn much more about Sarah’s Covenant Homes at her blog: This is an amazing, faith-filled ministry and India is an amazing country. We are so excited to experience more of India and to be a part of blessing these children.

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have. Please leave a comment in the comment section below.

God’s Blessings,
Sandwich and Rose Bud

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

CC Meet 7

Last meet and it was a makeup meet from a rainy day several weeks ago. I didn't go because I had to work so there are no pictures, but Rose Bud had a very good time: 11:38. However, she finished 13th of 17, which shows what good times everyone else had! It was a fast race. One of her teammates came in 5th.

Great job this season, Rose Bud! We're very proud of you!


Thursday, October 15, 2009

CC Meet 6

I think we're at 6.

Rose Bud loves this course. She liked it last year and she enjoyed it this year too, in spite of the SLEET! Blech.

She placed 11 out of 32 and she was very happy with her finish. She was able to finish strong and zoom ahead of the teammate who zoomed ahead of her last week! She was pleased about that.

One of our 7th grade girls won the race. Considering 7th and 8th grade girls ran together, that was awesome. She has won every one of her races this season except for the very first big one (250 runners all together!)

One of our 7th grade boys came in second today. Considering 7th and 8th grade boys ran, together, that was awesome, too! And technically, he won the race because the first-place finisher cut a flag. But we won't split hairs at the middle school level. That guy had him by a mile anyway.

So, without further ado, the pictures.

About 3/4 of the way done.

A great finish!

JayHey had a terrific finish, too!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Would You Consider This Cheating?

Our stellar mouser is at it again. Sort of.

He really didn't want to turn it over to Mr. GT.

A Quiz

In no particular order, identify, Banana Boy, Sunshine, Spider and my pants.

We never lack for entertainment at our house!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Methinks He's Not Ready to Give Up His Naps

Mr. GT was off work today so Sunshine spent the day hangin' with Dad. They went on a cheese run (to the cheese factory to buy fresh cheese) and Sunshine had a 2-minute snooze in the car before lunch. Then he was going like the Energizer Bunny all afternoon.

He wasn't crabby, so I let him stay up. About 4:00 I put a movie in for the kids. At 4:30, I looked around and realized Sunshine wasn't here. I checked with Mr. GT and he thought I had him.

Finally found him.
The cutest part was that he even turned on his radio like I always do when he naps.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

CC Meet 5

Everyone had to run the same race today and it was a 2 MILE race! Normally the 7th grade girls and boys and the 8th grade girls run 1.5 miles and the 8th grade boys run 2 miles. Today everyone had the same course.

And what a course! When they hit the 1.5 mile point, they had to run straight up a huge hill! At least the last part was down hill and then straight and flat to the finish.

So. Rose Bud ran a great race! She wasn't too nervous, even about the hill. She DID run all the way up the hill (but then had to walk a bit to rest).

Her time was 15:13 and she placed 27 out of 76 runners.

Pictures coming--I'm recharging the camera battery.

BTW, today was her last day as a 13 year old!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Good Hunting

It's only 5 am, but Mr. GT and Sunshine and Saffron have already had an adventure. Sunshine got up at 5 and came into his "nest" in our room (it's a quilt on the floor), which of course woke me up because I am the world's lighest sleeper.

I also have great hearing, which is why, when I now had to get up to use the bathoom, I heard the squeak. And saw the pouncing shadow of the kitten in the dark room across the hall. Because I am very quick to put two and two together, even though it is only 5 am, I know the kitten has a mouse.

This is where Mr. GT enters the story, because no way am I catching a mouse at 5 am! So he gets a good shaking awake.

" Wha'?" more shaking.

" The kitty has a mouse."


"The kitty has a mouse."


He doesn't wake up as well as I do, which makes for some fun times (and good blogging!)

He finally staggers out of bed. I point him in the direction of the boys' room and give him a little shove.

When I return from the bathroom (my original destination, if you recall) he is standing in the boys' room holding the kitten.

"How do you know there's a mouse?"

"I HEARD it.". His hearing isn't as good as mine.

"Well where is it?". He is still skeptical. He is standing in the middle of the room with the light on, holding the squirming kitten.

"Put the kitten down.". Saffron immediately goes onto sniff mode, nosing around Banana Boy's quilt (he's on a floor-sleeping jag).

Sniff sniff sniffs sniff sniff. Finally half-convinced, he lifts the quilt.

This is the part where I run shrieking back to my room and slam the door! Sunshine, who has been watching from our doorway, is laughing.

I hear a metal wastebasket thunk and then nothing for about 3 minutes. He calls. He needs a piece of cardboard. He is sitting on the floor with his hand firmly planted on the upside-down wastebasket. One flattened cereal box from the recycle bin later, the poor little rodent is on his way back to the cold outdoors. Sunshine is completely out of bed now and helping Mr. GT, opening doors and getting to go outside barefoot.

I'm so proud of him! Saffron, I mean. (well, I'm proud of Mr. GT, too) But what a good kitty! He's only been here 3 weeks and he's already caught a mouse (and two really disgusting and juicy crickets he found in the basement. Gross)

And thank God for the blessing of a good husband who will wake up out of a dead sleep to hunt mice. Love you, Honey!!!

Oh, and BB? He slept through the whole thing.