Monday, January 11, 2010

We're in Mumbai!!!

We are here in Mumbai and it's everything India is supposed to be!  The smells are the same, the we've-been-traveling-for-5-gazillion-hours dizzy feeling is the same. 

It's very quiet because it's one in the morning here.  It's 80 and humid.  Most of our group made it.  One of the girls got sick and she and her mom backed out just before getting on the plane in Newark.

Remember the disabled plane we were watching?  It was the cause of the Dallas group's delay!  But they landed at 6pm and our India flight was held for them while they did a Chariot's of Fire run through the airport.  It was pretty awesome.

So we are doing great.  I can only just say that we're here because I'm standing at one of 3 free kiosks.

So, more adventures soon

PS The Indian food on the plane was awesome!


julie said...

Hi, You don't know me, but I wanted to say that there are prayers all over Mabank, TX for you this week! Thanks for the updates, and hope you can keep our Cornerstone group under control this week, lol. Looking forward to hearing what's going on there!

Nikki said...

So glad you guys made it! I really look forward to reading your blog. I have been talking to Leslie, ERin, and of course Sarah (I designed all three of their blogs) and am hopefully coming to India in May to help Sarah! Have an amazing trip and I so look forward to reading about it!

indiankids said...

So glad you made it Sandy. I just came across your letter today so am following your trip daily. Have a wonderful time. Can't wait to hear all about it. Greet India for me.

gram68 said...

So glad you made it to India! Rosebud, how was the weather in Brussels? Here in Brussels, WI it was 24 but by Thurs. it will be in the 30's. A heat wave for us. 80 degrees, how nice for you! Wish I was with you! Take care. Keep the blogging coming if you can.