Monday, January 18, 2010

Last Day in Ongole

Today is our last day.  Rose Bud and I held our last class today.  I went through all of our stuff with the teacher and showed her what I had.  I left everything I'd brought with me for their school.  She seemed thrilled with all the things and she even offered to teach the telling time part of the class today.  She also worked with Phoebe and punched holes through the paper in the shape of the letters in her name for Phoebe to trace.  She thought of that herself.

I want to clarify something I mentioned in an earlier post about the staff putting things away and not giving them to the children or using them.  It's not that they don't want the children to have them.  It might be that they just save them because they are special.  Or they might not be sure how to use them or play with them with the children.  Sarah thought it helped a lot that I was here demonstrating how I use all the materials I brought with me.  She felt the teacher would be eager to get them out now and use them.   They ayahs are just not used to playing with children.  It's a cultural thing.  They are excellent at caring for them and the children are so clean and well-fed.  They just don't really know how to play with toys and they are as fascinated with the new toys we've brought as the children are.

This afternoon Sarah took us out to see the new ICM property.  They have purchased 11 acres outside of Ongole and it's beautiful.  We toured the building being constructed there.  I want to say much more about Sarah's exciting vision for her part of this property, but don't have time right now.

While we adults did that, the Texas girls hung out in their room and Rose Bud and Sim rode on a MOTOR BIKE !!!!!!! to get their hands henna'd.  The other girls had gone this morning and had it done, but RB missed out because we were teaching.  So Chinna, Sarah's driver took the girls on his motorbike to the shop that does it.  It looks awesome!

Ok, the kids will be arriving in the car soon and then we are off to the fair with them!  We come home, shower, pack and at 6 am we are off.

I'm sad to go.

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Alphabet Kid said...

I've read all of your India posts. Sounds like an emotionally draining and rewarding time. Thanks for sharing. . .