Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sitting in Mumbai--Tuesday

We’re sitting in the Mumbai airport waiting for our next flight.  There is a work crew washing the seats.  They tip over the whole row of chairs.  Two guys take turns swabbing and scrubbing the undersides of the chairs while the female points out spots they’ve missed.  Both men don’t work at once.  They take turns.  She supervises.  Once they turn the chairs back over, then she washes the seats.  When they finish this bank of chairs, they call in a fourth person to mop the floor while the first 3 watch.

The doors are wide open in the terminal and the mosquitoes are thick as thieves.  We’ve sort of lost track of our malaria pills (in fact, Rose Bud dumped her whole bottle into the bottom of her bag in Brussels.  She was able to find most or all of them and put them back in their place.  So we took our second one when we got here.

All of our flights were uneventful and security even more uneventful.  All the worrying about pat downs and long searches and questions were for naught.  All the worry about bag weights were for naught.  They all came in under (or exact in a few cases).  We were allowed one carry on PLUS a personal bag on our trans-atlantic flight, so there was no problem with that. 

Customs was such a non-issue, it’s hardly worth mentioning.  They did make Faye open one suitcase to study the magnetic wands she had brought.  She couldn’t make them understand what they were and then had to get out the little metallic discs that you pick up with the wands and show the men how it worked.  She said the look on their faces was priceless as they wondered what in the world she had them for.  She just said she was bringing them for the children in the village she was going to.

We have one more flight and then a long car ride (the one we’ve asked you to pray for) to Ongole.  Sarah should be meeting us at the next airport.

Rose Bud is doing great.  We got some sleep on the last flight and she’s been finding all sorts of good things to eat in the airplane meals.  If you ask for the Veg meal, you get Indian.  Otherwise the choice is bland chicken or lamb.

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