Saturday, January 16, 2010

Saturday, Camp Day 2

Saturday, Camp Day 2

Today’s activities included

Singing: Head, Shoulders et. al., Hallelu, hallelu…I guess that was it.

Lacing cards and stringing beads on pipe cleaners – half the group did one and half the other and we switched

Meghan stringing beads

R. was really excited about this project

Lacing cards

Shalene lacing.  She LOVED this!  She loved being included.

Sarah, helping M2 with her lacing card

M1 working on her lacing. She caught on very quickly after I ran her hands through the steps of what to do.  This is my girl.  If they made me choose one to bring home now, she would be it.


Sidewalk chalk and cars on the roof

Cutting with scissors

Playing with balloons

Break for lunch

Telling time

Sewing pillows (only half the group did this and Hannah made 2) 

Hannah made two.  She was very good at this.

Sim worked with Isaac

Caleb really concentrated on this

Rachel needed some help, but made a pretty pink heart

and the rest played with Linda and flashcards, working on English

Scratch rainbow crosses

Played in courtyard, balls, Duck, Duck, Goose

Coloring (this lasts about an hour!)

Made rainbow tissue streamers

That was our group. The rest of the team? The deloused kids for 7 hours. Happily.

Seriously, this is an awesome team! This was what needed to be done and the whole team pitched in, even the teenage girls. While they shampooed and combed, they talked to the kids, tickled them and made them laugh, hugged and kissed them and just loved them up. And a very practical and necessary task got done.

Leslie was quite sick today and stayed in the room all day. She is feeling better, but tired and weak tonight. She did eat at lunch and I’ve been making her drink. She’s hoping to feel well enough tomorrow to go back to V Home.

After dinner, we went out shopping down the street. Off a side street is a whole bunch of little shops, mostly bangles, household things, pharmaceuticals and saris. The girls bought a bunch of bangles and bindis,

Linda got her hand henna’d,

Rose Bud bought a trash can and Linda bought lice shampoo. For the team. Isn’t she sweet?

We went back to Anjali, the sari/salwar shop for Faye to get an outfit.

The girls spent the time taking silly pictures of themselves

Sam has a winking problem, so to help her feel less self-conscious, everyone winked. LOL

and Scott and I walked down the street, just looking at things. One guy we passed made a loud remark and laughed out loud, about me, I’m sure, and I said to Scott, “I don’t think he said something nice!” but since I didn’t know what it was, I didn’t really care.

We got back about 9:30, showered and did laundry in our bucket and then sat up eating M&Ms and laughing at the TV.

I didn’t go to the internet tonight. I didn’t want to spend all my free time online and RB asked me to go shopping. So I did.

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