Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Hannah is 11 years old (the same age as Daisy) and she is just beautiful!

(I keep saying that, but really, all these children are so beautiful!  It's the love Sarah showers on them that is reflected in their eyes which makes them so beautiful, I think)

You can read about Hannah's schooling here.  Look at the quality and difficulty of work she is doing!  She looks to be quite bright, although she does have some minor learning delays.

Hannah is loving and friendly.  She loves to play with dolls and hold and love on the younger children.  She is determined and works hard.  She also likes to look pretty.

One of the wonderful things Sarah has done since bringing the kids into her care, was to get many of the girls' ears pierced.  Here is a snippet she wrote about it on her blog one time:

several of the girls have expressed the desire to have their ears pierced (it was a big part of my first conversation with Hannah when I visited her for the first time), and it's a huge deal in the culture. I don't know a single Indian girl or woman without her ears pierced, except for our SCH girls and others in the facility they came from.

As you see, Hannah was instrumental in making that happen! and here she is with her beautiful new earrings (along with Paula, whom you'll meet next)

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