Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Live Post

Ok. The first two I posted today were typed up and saved in Word. This here is a real live post.

It's 9:30 and I'm whipped, so here is a quick recap of today and I'll write it up in more detail in the morning.

Slept all night until 6. Felt way better.
Hung laundry in our bathroom
Ate breakfast in the hotel restaurant--idly, sambar and vada. Chai tea (Rose Bud had 3 cups!)
9:00 cars were here to take us to Angel Home
WOW. The boys are AWESOME!

Met the boys, went to the beach with them. Got sunburned. Came back, ate lunch, played all afternoon with boys. Brought back Judah, Caleb, Isaac and Christopher. They sat on our laps in the cars. They are so sweet!

Got dropped at hotel, quick washed up and went shopping for outfits and bangles. Came back to hotel and ate dinner at 8.
Chatted with Sarah and met Erin.
Came to blog at internet cafe next door.

We're doing great and having a wonderful time. I really want to say more about our time with the boys today, but my brain is absolutely fried and I can't put anything into words.

A note for Leslie's readers:
Leslie is fine, but VERY overwhelmed emotionally after meeting Michael. She fell in love with him and was able to interact with him a lot today. He LOVED the swing and laughed and giggled when he was in it, wailed pitifully when he was out and the other boys had a turn. She has decided not to bring him back to Ongole to work with him because she feels she just doesn't have time to do him justice. She is very sad that she can't do more for him right now (Sim: next trip!). He reminds her so much of Noah.

So, more story tomorrow and hopefully some photos. Our days are FULL and our nights are busy, too, so it's hard to find the time to spend typing.

Love to everyone! Miss you!

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