Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Kiss For Banana Boy

A kiss for Banana Boy

Just got an email from BB. He is still so sad and misses us very much. He typed out a very sweet email all by himself.

A day is a really LONG layover. We are still laying over.

We checked out of the hotel at 1, took the shuttle to the airport. The shuttle trip took all of 4 minutes. Rats. We staked out in front of the airline desk to wait. After about an hour, they began to staff the counters so we got in line. Waited in line about 45 minutes before finally they began to check people in. We were quite near the front of the line, so we checked in quickly and very smoothly.

All of our bags came in underweight. Woo hoo! Faye's big bag was exactly 23 kg. I think the limit was 23.2 kg. My carry on was 7.2 kg with my pillow. W/o the pillow: 7 kg. (which is the limit) Rose Bud's carry on is only 5.4, so I can give her my pillow to carry if I need to.

After checking in we found our gate and went through security. There were tons of restaurants outside of security, but we figured there'd be more once we were past and we weren't terribly hungry.

No. Choices inside the secure area are beer, Toblerone and bagels. Or a magazine or duty free. Bummer.

Security was a breeze. The line was short (it really pays to arrive early!) and it seemed less rigorous than our first airport. Huh.

Now we have had 3 hours sitting in the waiting area by our gate, waiting.

Today's waiting entertainment includes a disabled plane surrounded by emergency vehicles out on the tarmac. They've removed all the passengers to a bus and the lights have been blinking out there all afternoon. According to Faye, who loves to surf Google, the plane's landing gear didn't fully deploy. You can see that the back end appears lower than it should.

I've also wasted a whole bunch of time setting up two (unbeknownst to me) Boingo accounts. Didn't realize that the one for my itouch wouldn't work on my laptop and vice versa. Well, it was money well spent to be able to answer Banana Boy's letter now instead of in 4 days.

Oh, in other exciting news, the rest of our group, who are flying together from Dallas, had a plane delay of 2 hours. It's still to be seen if they will make the India flight or not!!!

Exciting times!

Enjoy the prolific blogging. It will likely end soon!

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