Friday, January 22, 2010

We're All About India

My kids have been living and breathing India since we got home.

Sunshine found his kurta in his room yesterday morning when he was getting dressed and wanted to wear it to preschool. This caused Bananan Boy to want his, too, so I had to dig through my closet for a kurta for him. Today he wanted to wear it again, but it was in the wash, so we did laundry and he's impatiently waiting for it to come out of the dryer. He has another, but I loaned it to a friend for her girl scout troop just before I left. Who knew I'd need it?!

The girls are wearing saris and have dressed up their dolls as well.

Rose Bud wore her bangles to school, and of course she has her henna'd hand.  Everyone at school wanted to know if it was a tattoo and if it would come off!  She bought bangles and bindis for her friends, so they were all decked out yesterday at school.  Yes, RB went to school yesterday!  We did all sleep in until 7, but she was there by 9:00!  Came home with a slew of homework.  She said she felt ok all day.

BB has set up his doll's microphone and stage for Indian Dance.  He's been begging to watch the Jai Ho video from Camp Masala.

I brought the kids very minimal souveniers this time as we didn't do  a lot of shopping.  BB and Sunshine each got a glittery pompon
and BB got a garland in the colors of the Indian flag, which he LOVED.  When I gave it to him and he opened it, he mouthed, "Indian Flag" to himself.  We hung it in his room.

Daisy got a little box in which she put her Indian money (and Euros, change from the Brussels airport)

Rose Bud bought Pepper a headband at the fair and she gave both girls some of her bangles. Everyone got rupees.

And I had to make them Chai tea for breakfast this morning.  I'm sure they'll be hungry for Indian soon.  Not sure if i am yet!  :D

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