Monday, November 30, 2009

Random November

Sunshine and Banana Boy sitting on my lap (drawing by Sunshine)

Saw this giant caterpillar in my yard one day...

Mary, Joseph  and  the infant flee to Egypt?

No room in the inn....

The day the cows got out!

Turkey One

What?!  It's a nice bed!

Turkey Two

Sunday, November 29, 2009

More Thank You's

Thank you to

Cindy & Doug
Paul & Karen
Ron & Sue

Look at our total! We're only $60 away from $2000! We're half-way there!

BTW, do you remember what my goal was? I was counting on 100 donations of $20 and 10 donations of $200.

(I just love statistics!)

Do you know how many donors have put together the $2000? Only 29! TWENTY-NINE people/couples have donated $2000! People have been VERY generous and I am so grateful to each and every one of you!

Have you shared yet? Only 23 of my one hundred $20-donors have given. There are still EIGHTY of you out there! 80 times 20 is $1600 more dollars!

You might think that your little bit doesn't matter, but IT ALL ADDS UP! I'm counting on the small donors to help me reach my goal.

(BTW--even if you give $5, it makes a difference! It pairs up with a $15 donation and BLAM! Another $20 reached!)

I know God is working on this, and I'm still feeling really patient. It's not what I am doing with this, but what HE is doing! I am amazed every day at how He is providing for Sarah's kids.

Pop on over to the Chip-In. Don't be shy! Or email me at sandwichinwi at gmail dot com for an address to which you can mail a check.

Friday, November 27, 2009

The New Kids? There are FOUR TIMES as many as originally promised

Remember how Sarah was supposed to get 10 new kids? Well, the number has jumped to 40! FORTY! She needs help more than ever now!

Let me explain about these kids. They are currently living in a nearby, huge government orphanage. They have all been abandoned or relinquished by their parents. They are all classified as "mentally retarded" (this term is still used in India). Most of them have cerebral palsy. Some are blind. Some have other disorders.

They all are very neglected, weak and sickly. Here is what Sarah said on November 15:

Went and visited them on Friday. There are 24 children in the room for kids with multiple handicaps. They all look horrible. November is the last month of the monsoon and then there's winter. This is a cold season, especially for malnourished, incontinent, immuno-compromised children in a room with no heat, lying on a stone tile floor with no diapers and very little clothing. One 8-year-old girl with cerebral palsy, "V", is wheezing deeply and they all look terribly weak.

My spirit is groaning for them.

I can't see making any of them wait longer for affection and treatment.

Did you catch the conditions under which they are living right now? Can you imagine that children in America would be allowed to be treated that way?

In India, children with disabilities are considered to be the tangible evidence of a horrible sin their parent has committed. If people see that you have a disabled child, they will "know" you have done something terrible. So the people believe. Thus, disabled children are almost always abandoned by their parents, even if the parents love them. There are also few resources for treatment and care--even Sarah has trouble finding proper wheelchairs--there just aren't any. And nothing is handicapped accessible anyway.

There is so much more I could say, but please, please, just pray for the children, the caregivers and for the innumerable needs of all these children to be met.

If you feel so led, PLEASE go to Sarah's blog and give something. The amount of equipment, diapers, bedding, Pediasure, caregivers, space --everything to bring in these new kids is astounding.

If you would like to help Sarah directly, NOW, and you do, please let me know that you have, or leave a comment for Sarah that you know me, and I will add it to my $4000 fundraising total. It seems silly to have me sit on the money until January when Sarah needs it so much now.

If you prefer to still give to my fund and have me take it in January, that is fine, too. Just click on the Chip-In above or email me at sandwichinwi at gmail dot com for an address for sending a check.

Thank you!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Yes, I spent donation money

I had a question from someone today. Yes, it was $255 of the money donated so far that I was describing yesterday. Sorry for not being more clear.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Another thank you and a report on the first distribution

A heartfelt thank you to

Arnold & Francine

As you may have read yesterday and today on this blog, Sarah has had a big week! One of the children, Justin had a serious stroke and had to be taken to the hospital in Ongole, then transferred to Hyderabad, a much bigger city with many more medical resources.

If you've been reading Sarah's blog, you've seen her other big news. She has been expecting a new group of children from the government orphanage. Currently she has 44 in two separate homes. This new group was to be 10 more.

Then it was 25 more by Christmas.

On the same day Justin had his stroke, Sarah got a call that the new group will be all 34 severely disabled children at the gov't orphanage AND....


Needless to say, Sarah has a lot on her plate this week! In addition to the unexpected expense of Justin's medical bills (expected to run $1500), there will be new expenses for the new children.

Sarah posts little tickers (interactive charts that tally donations--like a little thermometer) on her blog to show needs and donations. There were two tickers that have been hanging out there for a long time.

One was a collection for new beds for the first group of 10 children. Sarah estimated that $250 would buy a bed frame, mattress, mattress cover, two bedsheets, two pillows, four pillowcases, and one blanket. 10 sets of beds and beddings was $2500 and for over a week now, she has been just $63 from reaching that goal. So I covered that.

There was also a ticker to cover the cost of Grandma Suganam's cataract surgery, of which there was $188 remaining. I also covered that. (Here is the 1st part and the 2nd part of that story. Please do read it and see how your donation helped one of the sweet nannies who cares for the children to read her Bible!)

Including a little extra which will hopefully cover whatever little bit needed to wire the money, I sent a check to India's Hope for $255.

Please understand that I share all these details, not to gain glory or recognition for myself, but to be transparent with the donations you have entrusted to me. To God be the glory and may he do great things with what you have generously shared!

Update on Justin

God is already working on this miracle. Here is an update from Sarah:

Justin was not responding to painful stimuli on his right side yesterday. Today he is. Keep praying for him. He is able to use his left hand but is still only semi-conscious and can't raise himself. Not seeing any seizures. He's in ICU. If you can help financially, please do--could run $1500 easy. Paypal address is

Monday, November 23, 2009

Please Pray Now for Justin

One of Sarah's little boys has had a stroke. This is a very sweet, determined little boy. The deepest desire of his heart has been to walk and he has seen many of his friends get the surgeries they needed and begin to walk. His was upcoming in the next month or two and now as a result of this stroke, he will have some paralysis!

Please Please pray for healing for Justin! Nothing is impossible with God and He can wipe away all the effects of this stroke so that Justin can achieve his dream.
This is Justin in the brown, loving on little Yemima. Can't you see what a sweetie he is??

Read more about it on Sarah's blog

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sick, Sick, Sick & Sick

Banana Boy began Tuesday night with a fever. He had been coughing at night for about a week. He has had a fever every day since. And coughing. And whining. His mouth tastes bad. His breath tastes bad. Whatever we feed him tastes bad. Medicine tastes bad.

Daisy got a headache the next day and by Thursday night had a fever. She has been mostly achy and feverish, better today.

Pepper has had shooting pains in her earlobe. And a fever, a little achy, a little stuffy, a little coughing, since Thursday night. Better today.

Sunshine has been coughing at night and last evening began with the fever. He fell asleep in the chair at 6 pm. At midnight he brought his hot little body into my bed to snuggle up with me. He is incredibly sweet and loving when he feels bad. A hot little snuggle bug. After the ibuprofen kicks in, he is a wild man. We almost like him better sick! And this is on the dye-free stuff.

This afternoon Sunshine came to snuggle up with me in the chair and watch the Wiggles and the Big Red Car. All of a sudden he coughed and covered his mouth with his hands. We went running for a non-carpeted room where he continued to keep his mouth covered with his hands, thereby spewing not just downward, but in all directions. Rose Bud, who is useless in a puking emergency, lay paralyzed on the couch with her hands over her ears. I finally screamed loudly enough that she could hear me and she managed to escape out to the patio to fetch Mr. GT, our resident go-to man in all things barfy.

I managed to not lose my whole lunch right there on the floor while I waited for Mr. GT to come to my rescue. I bathed Sunshine and snuggled him up in the chair.

After he had a nap, we snuggled some more in the chair. Another cough---I'll spare you the details, but suffice it to say, I got the bucket up there in time. I told him he is Daddy's boy tonight. "Me Mommy's boy 'morrow," he told me. That's fine, I said, if you are done throwing up!

Rose Bud has been coughing, but thus far has escaped the fever. I thought she felt a little warm tonight. She went to bed early. She's determined to follow in her father's footsteps and go to school tomorrow, sharing all her germs with all her friends. We'll see.

I'm not catching this, BTW. I have been popping Wal-borne every 3 hours like clockwork. So far, so good.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Making sewing kits for Sarah's kids

For her birthday party, Daisy wanted to do something to help out Sarah's kids. Since Sarah wanted us to teach the kids to sew when we come, she had suggested we make little stuffed pillows out of felt. Putting the two ideas together, I decided the girls at Daisy's party could make up sewing kits for us to bring along.

We bought felt sheets and I made 3 patterns which the girls traced onto the felt with permanent markers. They cut out the pillows and used a gromet maker to punch holes all around the sides so the kids could just focus on the sewing skill without having to worry about pushing the needle through the thick felt.

The girls picked out yarn for each pillow and cut it to 18" lengths, then packaged the felt, yarn and a needle in individual kits in ziploc bags.

Daisy turned 11 and her friends were 8, 9, & 10, and this was a perfect craft project for them. The hole-punching was the hardest part, but each girl punched out her two pillows. When their hands got tired, they took a break and finished the punching later while watching a movie.

They look angry in these pictures, but really they were having so much fun! I think they were all just concentrating hard.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Isn't God Amazing?

Adding another $400 to the total in the sidebar.

Thank you to

Tom & Amy
Lyle & Janna
John & Marcia
Randy & Kory
and some anonymous donors

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Thank You!

Heidi (via ChipIn)

We are over 25% of the way to our goal. Your generosity blows me away!

God Bless You!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Soon It Will All Be Over

Pepper, swatting flies in the livingroom:

"I know you don't want to be killed, but trust me, you'll feel better afterwards."

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Thank you!

Thank you for your donations to Sarah's Kids!

Grace & Jack
Jen & Preston
JC & Patti
Sharon & Lyle
Len & Paula

I've been posting my cash total in the sidebar under the ChipIn. So while it looks like, according to ChipIn, I'm not doing much, The total is actually really growing. Part of that is because people who donate through my church can receive a tax deduction for the donation. I'm going to have to look for another counter that better keeps track of my goal.

If you have been thinking about donating, but aren't really sure about where your money is going, please read this post by Sarah. In it, she explains exactly what happens to the money you donate.

What about the money you give to me for Sarah's kids? I have to check with Sarah, but based on reading her post above, I think I will deliver it to her via India's Hope, who will safely wire the amount to her. There is the option to bring it in cash, but that's a lot of cash! I'm not sure I would feel comfortable doing that. I do plan to get it to her in the most cost effective manner possible. Do they make $4000 traveler's checks????

And one thing I am considering using the money for is these wheelchairs. Watch the video--they are VERY cool! Of course, I do plan to consult with Sarah and see where her greatest need is when we go.

Friday, November 6, 2009


Found this old video on my old blog and it was so cute, I wanted to share.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Leslie made this video to showcase the kids. Just look at the joy and radiance in their faces and their eyes! These are kids that are loved!!! This is the miracle!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

One percent!!!!

Lookie that! My ChipIn is already at 1% of our goal! And that with only 2 donors! It doesn't take much, I tell you. Every very little bit makes a difference!

I actually have another $200 in donations given to me personally, bringing the total to $240!

So thank you to

God Bless You!

Introducing You to Sarah

I can't begin to tell you how this ministry has invaded my heart. Sarah is an American, married to an Indian Christian pastor and they have 3 daughters.

The ministry Sarah has been called to for these children is nothing short of amazing. The children she serves had been some of the most neglected, unloved, unwanted children anywhere. Living (barely) in government orphanages, disabled children are throw-away children. I'll share pictures with you in a future post. These children were considered unadoptable and unworthy.

Anyway, Sarah tells it best, so I'll let you read what she has to say.

Here is a brief excerpt from her SCH brochure:

Sarah’s Covenant Homes (two
homes for 43 children with
neurological special needs) is
where the deepest desires of
my heart meet the deepest needs of children’s
lives. I want them, and they need
love and care from someone like me.
Here in India, children born with neurological
special needs like cerebral palsy,
mental retardation, epilepsy, and autism
are the most likely to be abandoned and
least likely to be adopted. Consequently,
they languish in institutional orphanages
where they’re seen as liabilities rather than
treasured individuals. Neglected physically
and emotionally, these children tend to
die young. They’re some of the most profoundly
alone human beings on the planet.
I approached the government institutional
orphanage in 2007 and asked them for five
children with special needs, specifically
mental retardation. They told me, “Why
only five? We have over seventy children in
this building with mental retardation. Why
not at least start with ten?” That sounded
great to me!
A month or so later, I was wanting to make
preparations for the ten children, and I
called the government back to ask for more
details about the kids we were to receive:
How many boys and how many girls? The
department director said, “I can tell you
this much. You’re getting about 30 boys
and about 20 girls.” My heart was overwhelmed—
with excitement!

Of course, I still didn’t know where the
money or staff would come from. But just
about a week before I’d gotten a promise
from the Lord: “I’ve taken great pains to
provide for the temple of the Lord….”
(said David to Solomon in 1 Chron 22).
He’d provided 37 tons of gold, 300-some
tons of silver, wood, and skilled workers.
Then David said, “Now begin the work,
and the Lord be with you.” We started by
faith, and the weekend before I received
the first shift of ten abandoned special children,
I received funds to begin and two sets
of foster parents stepped forward to commit!
Since that day, it’s been one miracle
of provision after another. It’s been a ride!

Just to show you what I'm talking about, here are before and after photos of Grace, taken 6 months apart. You can see the condition Grace was in when she came to SCH.And with 6 months of love, human touch, prayer, medical care (she had serious epilepsy) and good nutrition, here is the miracle that is Grace now.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Where We're Going

View Ongole, India in a larger map

We will fly into in Hyderabad (Green Pin). Ongole (Pink Pin) is our destination. Chennai (formerly Madras, Blue Pin) is to the south and a major city in this area.

Nonny, isn't it Guntur (Yellow Pin) where our friends live? I didn't realize we are so close.

We actually will fly into Mumbai (Purple Pin) and then take a domestic flight to Hyderabad (Green).

View Ongole, India in a larger map
BTW, the flag is New Delhi, the capital and the yellow house is where the Taj Mahal is located.