Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Live Post #2

Ok, I've uploaded notes about yesterday at Angel Home in 3 parts, so start with part #1. Pictures are taking forever to upload, so I've only got a few up, and none of the boys! :( I'm sorry.

We are supposed to be out front for the car right now, so I have to dash. Start with part one and go to Faye's blog, too.

She's got a bunch of posts up already, too.

Will try to post more tonight, but we are supposed to hang and Theresa's and I'm afraid it will be a late night.

Love and kisses to the kids from Mommy.

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Jane said...

Oh Sandwich; Thank you so much for taking the blog such wonderful details! I can just see Leslie and Michael playing with the slinky and you giving your 'last minuete' puzzles to the boys... Lovely! It sounds like you are having an amazing first few days, rich with the culture only our beloved India could gift.