Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Must. Not. Add. Anything. Else.

The suitcases are F-U-L-L!

Not too heavy, just full.

One more last-minute shopping foray tonight. 

10 Kool-aid packets for making playdough.  $3 (that's rounded up just to make things easier)  If you've never made your playdough using kool-aid, you are missing out!

The colors--So Rich!

The scent--Way Better than wet salt and flour! 

Just dump one packet of unsweetened kool-aid in with your water before you mix it with your salt and flour (I actually use the cooked oil/cream of tartar recipe for playdough--it's not as gritty)


I don't plan to make 10 batches when I am there; maybe just one or two.  But I will leave the extras.

I also bought a few random craft supplies.  Did I mention that Sarah sent our schedule and Rose Bud and I will be working with our kids for EIGHT hours each day.


So I picked up a couple of extras to fill some time, if we need it.  Pipe cleaners, pony beads, balloons, a skein of yarn, and straws.  $28 (the beads were expensive).

And now the suitcases are full.  No room! 

I feel like the innkeeper.

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