Friday, September 24, 2010

Home Meet

Stats for the home meet:

Rose Bud again ran 5th on the team.  Varsity took 2nd place, as did JV.

RB placed 27th out of 76, which was her best place, and an improvement on her percentage.  She's been finishing abouth 50% of the way through the pack, and this was about the top 3rd of the field.  She's continuing to close in on the #4 runner, and the coach said this week that the team has narrowed their time between runner #1 and runner #5 to around two minutes.  Still a ways to go, but she's just a freshman.  Her time was 18:39--this was a slow course.

The bigger news was that the JV team finished an actual 1, 3 & 4 in their race.  Rose Bud was still faster than the #1 JV runner, but only by about 20 seconds.

Here's how the times shook out:
V #1
V #2
V #3
V #4
Rose Bud
JV #1
JV #2
JV #3
V #6
V #7

The top seven run varsity next week.

That means there will be 4 freshman and 3 seniors running varsity this week!  That's pretty exciting!

RB's goal is to keep ahead of the #6 runner (who did beat her in several races last year) and to keep up with the #4 runner.

Will keep you posted!

Banana Boy: On Sports

Banana Boy:  I LOVE Track!  I love the long jump and those soccer goals.

Me:  Soccer goals?

BB:  You know--like soccer goals but they don't have nets.

Me:  ????

BB:  They run and they jump over them!


BB:  Yes!  Hurdles.  I love those.

pause for reflection and dishwasher loading.

BB:  Do they do anything else for cross country?

Me:  What do you mean, anything else?

BB:  Extra stuff.  Like... handstands.

You all go off and picture that now.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Recent Two Meets

Rose Bud continues to run varsity.  At Saturday's meet, her goal was to keep the team's #4 runner in sight.  In actuality, she almost BEAT her!  They were neck in neck at the finish and #4 saw her coming and put on a little burst of speed to edge Rose Bud out by .6 of a second.  RB's time was 17:34 -- a whole minute faster than last week!

Rose Bud is the red runner on the left

At the mid-week meet, it was set up for a Freshman/Sophomore race and a Jr./Sr. race rather than varsity and JV.  She still ended up as the 5th team-runner, time-wise with a time of 17:42.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Of Wives and Wings

Banana Boy: I hate being a boy.

Me: Why?

BB: You have to buy things for your honeymoon.

Me: Oh?

BB: And you have to buy your wife a computer.

Me: What do you have to buy for your honeymoon?

BB: You have to find where to go. And you have to buy soda probably, for your wife. And coffee probably.


BB, getting into his car seat: I HATE having wings!

Me, glancing at him in the rearview mirror: Just think how hard it is for real bats.

BB: Yeah, but they're USED to doing everything with wings!

Me: I suppose. They've been buckling up since they were babies.

BB, sighing wistfully:

Saturday, September 4, 2010


53rd out of 112. This race was a true 4K (last meet was only a 3200m, or 2 mi.) and her time was 18:31 (last meet was 15:31).

She placed 5th on the team and looked great at the finish. She maybe has a little more in her!