Sunday, January 3, 2010

Here's Christopher!

Christopher is 13 and goes out to private school. He loves to sing and also sang at the contest in which Isaac sang.

(I just said to Banana Boy, as I posted this picture, "Look, here's a boy who likes to sing like you do!"  He replied, "I like him!")

He has epilepsy which is well-controlled (he hasn't had a seizure in 2 years! Please pray that his good health continues!) and mild cerebral palsy.

He is charming, mischievous and easily excited (sounds just like Sunshine!!!). He is also compassionate and very sweet with the more-challenged children.

At one time, he was mistakenly diagnosed with a very low IQ, but has since been found to be of above-average intelligence! He was expelled from 2 schools for hyperactivity, but after changing his epilepsy meds, his hyperactivity went away and he has since skipped a grade.

Doesn't Christopher sound like an amazing kid??? Want to read an even more amazing story about him? Read this post Sarah wrote about what a beautiful heart this little boy has. Read the whole post.

And here's a post with a video of him singing.

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