Saturday, January 9, 2010

Last, But Not Least: Rachel

Almost-9 year old Rachel has had quite a life.  She came to Sarah with a broken leg which had been improperly repaired and improperly cared for.  The leg was in a cast and it was swollen, misshapen, infected and really a mess.  Because of her rough experiences, Rachel is very fearful--of new things, of people, even of what we might consider unreasonable things (puppets, dogs on TV)  Although heaven knows, I've always thought puppets were creepy, myself.

Rachel does not have any learning challenges, other than orphanage delays (meaning she is behind only because she was never taught anything).  She does have some other health issues which prevent her from going to school right now, but Sarah is hopeful that she will be enrolled in school soon.

Rachel loves dolls, her toy cell phone, jewlery....she sounds like a girly-girl to me!

She loves to imitate English and picks up on sign-language easily.  She'll be a fun challenge to reach, with her insecurities, but I look forward to trying.  I think once she warms up to us, she'l have a blast in our group.  I hope we don't scare her off the first day!

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