Saturday, January 16, 2010

Tips and Tricks

Please know that I share all this with a crazy love for India in my heart!

Parle-G biscuits. The G stands for “Genius.” Now I know.

Pond’s White Beauty—makes your skin whiter. There was a TV commercial of an artist painting a picture of a woman sitting for a portrait. Day 1. Day 4 he was still painting her. Day 7, he did a double take while painting her and dabbed more white onto her cheeks. Apparently she had been using Pond’s White Beauty and in 7 days she was so light.

The neighborhood kids multiply at the gate every day. They are there all the time in small numbers, but when we arrive at Victory Home and leave each day, there are throngs. They all want to shake hands and say their two or three English words and ask our names. They all yell each time, “Hi, Scott! Bye, Scott!” They like Scott.

If you come to help, and you bring projects or crafts, bring enough for the teachers and ayahs who help you, too. They all want to try all the supplies and toys and things we have for the kids to do. It is so sweet!

Watch where you step.

Don’t try to break a 500 Rs. Bill in a small shop, although if you insist it is all you have, someone standing nearby with change in their pocket will exchange it for you.

Don’t ask for rice for breakfast. There is only idli.

It is fun to cross the street to buy two bananas. They will be 5 Rs.

If you want your room cleaned, you must leave your key card in the electrical slot and leave the door unlocked.

Don’t forget to put your room number on your meal receipt or they’ll track you down and make you sign it.

Don’t try on glass bangles that are too small for you. They will shatter (ask RB how she knows)

Don’t eat chocolate granola bars in bed.

Ignore the rat dropping into the street drains.

Say good morning. Especially to the women. They like it.

Keep your windows closed so the monkeys don’t get in.

Buy a mosquito bat.

Don’t fall out of your chair at dinner. (Ask RB)

If you start to cross the street, don’t stop.

When you play Duck, Duck, Goose, touch shoulders, not heads. Especially when playing with neighborhood children.

Don’t smell the water.

Come back again and again and again.


Jane said...

"Don’t eat chocolate granola bars in bed." ?!?! That's spectacular. And one request, in your free time, I'm going to need some clarification re: "Keep your windows closed so the monkeys don’t get in." Sounds like your having an amazing time!

julie said...

What is a mosquito bat? :) Love the posts!