Sunday, January 17, 2010


First off, what I said in my making a difference post, I meant about the teachers, not Sarah and Theresa. They DO see the potential in the children. But some of the staff need to be convinced.

Ok. 'Nuf about that.

This post is about joys.

Joy is the huge smiles when we come to the gate and they realize we're here again.

Joy is a giant hug from a child full of love for life and everyone around them.

Joy is that the children are so secure in their belief that we will be kind to them that they unhesitatingly run to us for hugs.

Joy is freedom from fear.

Joy is knowing there are regular meals and snacks and enough.

Joy is crying answered with help, love, meeting of needs.

Joy is a chuck under the chin from everyone you meet.

Joy is a bed to sleep in and 10 other little bodies to snuggle up to.

Joy is education.

Joy is antibiotic powder and a bandage on your cut.

Joy is a cup of roasted chick peas.

Joy is a stranger washing your head, combing out your lice and braiding your hair, all while singing to you.

Joy is swimming in the ocean

Joy is playing ball with friends.

Joy is being held and rocked in strong, loving arms

Joy is learning to walk

Joy is your voice being heard

Joy is a bear to carry around

Joy is an operation that fixes what's been bothering you.

Joy is medicine when you feel sick.

Joy is people around you who think you are valuable

Joy is learning to know Jesus

Joy is a home and a family.

Sarah's Covenant Homes are filled with joy. They are overflowing with joy.

Where once there were lives with no hope, only fear, no joy, now there is an abundance of joy.

Seriously, you have to see it for yourself.

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David and Sarah said...

Hoping to do just that--see for myself!