Monday, January 4, 2010

Something Awesome and Very Cool!

Donations are at $4400. 

Thank you Cheri & Will.

So far I have spent $631 on teaching supplies and other things (the diapers and underwear) to bring over.

Wouldn't it be cool if donations covered the cost of the ITEMS I purchased and we still had $4000 in CASH to give to Sarah!!!?

I am very excited that she is hoping to buy educational and classroom supplies for her homes with our money!  As an educator, I am thrilled to be able to help her fit out her schoolrooms!

I have just a few more things (because there is still room in my suitcase!) I want to buy to use for our teaching.  Pipecleaners, embroidery floss, balloons.  Just some little things to have on hand for whatever we think up.  In any case, the amount I'll have spent on things to BRING will be under $700.

I am fairly certain we will cover that and I'll be able to wire Sarah the other $2000 very soon!  She has a list of Montessori teaching supplies she'd like to buy that are about $650, including large wooden puzzles, abacus(es?), shape sorters, sewing toys, stacking things, different alphabet toys, etc.

She also would like to order more child-sized tables and chairs for their schoolroom.  She sent me pictures of the ones they have.

Doesn't that look fun!!!

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