Thursday, April 30, 2009

What we say vs. what toddlers hear

Daisy had a late piano lesson today so while she pianoed, I took Sunshine, Banana Boy, Pepper, AK (my god daughter) and the piano teacher's 2 yo son to the park behind their house.

It was a beautiful day and warm enough to take off jackets and just wear t-shirts. After about 15 minutes, AK came over and asked for a drink. I reminded her we had to wait until Daisy finished her piano lesson. She asked twice more before we were able to leave.

Finally, Daisy appeared and as we were leaving the park together, Pepper said, "I'm thirsty!"

I answered, "We'll get a drink when we get home." (now read this next part out loud) "AK is, too."

"NO I AM NOT!" she proclaimed. She paused while she adjusted her fingers. "I am.... (holding fingers up) ....THREE!"

Monday, April 27, 2009

2nd Track Meet

Same events.

400 m Dash 2nd (out of 5)
100 m Dash 4th (out of 14)
Long Jump 4th (11' 11")

Way to go, Rose Bud!!!

The 100 is a very popular event to run because it is short. Many of the kids like the short races because they don't get as tired, don't have to work as hard. Most kids who ran the 100 last week had to run a different race this week so that others could have a turn to try it.

Rose Bud was allowed to run it again. She said Mrs. K. was a little lenient with people who run the longer races (400 m +) and also because Rose Bud runs it because "I like it, rather than just because it is short." (I would also say it had something to do with the fact that she was the only 7th grade girl to place last week!)

Take Your Daughter to Work Day

Daisy and Pepper went to work with Mr. GT.

Pepper described her day (her first time, Daisy's third): We helped switch phones, we helped him type things on the computer, we punched in the closet and we went to our workshops. For lunch we ate nachos, I think. It was like a penguin theme. It was fun. The doll hospital was my favorite part.

Punching wires in the closet.

Rose Bud, who has aged out of Mr. GT's program, came to work with me. She poured and served sodas, bussed and wiped tables, punched orders into the computer, delivered cookies to the kids, helped the hostess roll silverware and took out the bill to each table.

She was great! After showing her once how to do each task, she jumped in and did whatever needed doing. She shadowed me at each table while I took orders and then right away went to get the sodas. She even remembered who ordered which drink and delivered them properly.

The first hour was really slow, which worked out perfectly as she could learn what to do. By 6:15 we got super busy and it was good she was there! We really needed her help!

I ended up making $100 and I gave her $20. Not a bad night's work for a 13 yo!

Track Results, first meet

Rose Bud ran the 100 m, 400 m and did Long Jump. She placed in all three! Go, Rose Bud! There were 4 schools participating at the meet.

She placed:
100 m 4th (out of 16)
400 m 2nd (out of 8)
Long Jump 5th (11' 3")

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Pepper, catching ladybugs (ok, asian lady beetles) in the window: "Apparently bugs aren't as smart as people think they are!!!"


Banana Boy, in the car after school: "Mom, is Dad your boyfriend?"

Me: "Yes, I guess so"

BB: "Do you always get married to your boyfriend?"

Me: "Well, some people have lots of boyfriends or girlfriends and some people only have a few"

BB: "Right! Because if you had so many, how would you decide which one you should marry!?"

Uh, yeah, I meant lots OVER TIME, but ok.

Me, clarifying for ballet boy, who wants to marry Little Hey: "You will have a GIRLfriend someday." (I can brainwash, can't I???)

BB: "That would be so funny! Which one should I marry????" (still thinking about simultaneous multiple partners)

Me, ready to launch into a long, parental diatribe on dating: "Well, most people don't date a whole bunch of people at once."


Me: "huh?"

BB: "We have to, our class has to collect rocks and they have to be smaller than your thumb and you can't bring more than what fits in a square bag and we have to bring them to school and...."

End of conversation apparently....

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Funeral

Bringing the box from the car
Pepper is trying to look sad (because, you know your first instinct when faced with a camera is to smile, even at a funeral.  Ask me how I know!)
It's heavy!
Good-bye, Maple.
We made Dad dig the hole.  Rose Bud is not only fighting back tears, she is also freezing, because she is not wearing a coat.  She is THIRTEEN, you know, and thirteen year olds do not get cold outside.
Party rays for Maple from heaven.  Every time anyone we know dies, we always look for heaven's party rays.  It had actually been pouring rain all day and the sun came out just for his burial.
Pepper's last good-bye
Into the hole.
Banana Boy performs cartwheels for Maple.
Adding Pepper's special Missouri crystal rock as a marker.
Family portrait.