Saturday, January 9, 2010

See! I'm blogging!

Cuz we have free wi-fi at the airport. I checked us in online last night, so we were able to do the easy check-in at the airport. Maybe, if you pay attention, I'll say "at the airport" again.

Security was no big deal here. I wish we didn't have to do it again at a major crazy (famous for security breaches) hub.

Mr. GT and all the little thumbs and Nonny all came to see us off. Sunshine has been naughty for two weeks, his way of telling me he'll miss me.

Rose Bud is not dirty.  I wanded out her school on her sweatshirt.

The big surprise, though, was Banana Boy, who cried pitifully when it was time to say good-bye at the airport.

See our happy little family?  Goodness.  We could have smiled a little.

So, please pray for us

-for safe travels
-for easy pass through security
-for no problems getting our carry-ons on our international flight (there is a one bag, 15 lb limit. Rose Bud is good, but with my laptop, I'm a little over.)
-for sleep. We have a pretty tipsy-turvy flight plan
-for the protests to have passed by the time we need to drive to Ongole (there are peaceful protests scheduled for the area where we need to drive, potentially causing long delays
-for Mr. GT and the kids and those caring for them

and praise for the answered prayer of beautiful flying weather this weekend!!!

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