Monday, December 14, 2009

Your Dollars at Work

Another report on the spending of the money.

When RoseBud and I go, our main task will be teaching a group of children in a sort of mini-camp. Sarah has asked that we work with the kids on learning the continents and oceans, telling time, some science projects, Bible stories and sewing.

In preparation for that, I purchased some supplies from Oriental Trading Company to bring along. Not only did I have a coupon for free shipping, but it also included 15% off the whole order! I was thrilled to be blessed with such a good deal on OTC's already great prices! (for the best deals in coupons, check out RetailMeNot. Just type in the name of the website you want to shop at and you will find any coupons there might be out there. I love this site!)

So, here is what I bought from OTC:

Changing Faces Clock
3 sets of smooth cut scissors (I took a chance on these--I am a strict Fiskars fanatic and refuse to buy any other scissors for our kids' use. They are sharp and last forever. But these OTC scissors are very good and I'm happy with them. Sarah asked for scissors)
12 magnifying glasses
color mixing paddles
felt puppets
(these are just the bodies in various skin tones. We'll decorate them there)
50 felt sheets, asstd colors
scratch art crosses
nativity foam stickers
rhinestone cross ornaments
resurrection craft
valentine foam stamps
foam weaving placemats (fits in with the sewing unit)
5 million glue dots (best price I've found)
Continent posters
5000 tissue paper squares (saves me having to cut up all the tissue paper)
1000 tissue paper strips (ditto)
faux leather coin purses to sew (comes prepunched with laces, for sewing unit)

Total: $177 with discount. If anyone would like an itemized list, I can provide that for you.

I'll be posting more about the specific projects we'll be doing with the kids. I'm really excited about this! Sarah had chosen 7 or 8 kids with whom we'd be working, but she asked if she could add a few more to our group. She said the kids are really excited about doing this with us!

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