Monday, December 14, 2009

A Very Special Thank You

to Daisy, who shared $12.51 from her allowance. She's been saving it up for quite awhile.

And also to Banana Boy, who for Christmas gave me $11.20.  This included his $10 bill from his birthday.  Isn't that sweet?  Mr. GT said BB had been plotting for 2 weeks about sharing this with the kids in India.  He kept asking if they could use dollars in India.

Thank you also to
Nate & Susan
Mark & Lori
Wayne (again)
Lynn & Erik
Scott & Tracey
Keith & Teresa
Ron & Suzanne
Chad & Jenny
Stan & Mary

1 comment:

Recovering Noah said...

Way to go, Daisy and Banana Boy!! You two are awesome!

And, yes, that shirt is super cute. And so is Rosebud!

Leslie :-)