Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Packing, Packing and more Packing!

I have 3 suitcases full (one for the master, one for the dame, one for the little boy who lives down the lane!).

Two are nearly full to the top with the uniforms from Land's End. I also fit the Teaching Clock in with the clothes as I wanted it padded so it wouldn't be cracked banging against other luggage. We'll see how it arrives.

In the third suitcase, I fit most of the teaching supplies I have already purchased. Yay! I was expecting them to fill up both of our remaining pieces of luggage.

The fourth suitcase is begun with the bare books and a big stack of paper I'm bringing for doing projects.

Still to fit in the suitcase: The laminated posters of the continents (may have to decide not to bring these...), any reproducibles I still have to make for our lessons, and our overflow from our carry-ons. I also need to get the liquids (shampoo, medicines) into the checked bags as you know the rule about 3 small liquid things in your carry-on! One of these will need to be toothpaste for our LONG arrival!

It will take us two full days, plus a little bit, just to get to Hyderabad (52 hours!) Granted, we have some significant layovers, but several of them take place in the middle of the night. Nothing like being forced to be wide awake just when you want to be asleep!

Also today, I cut out felt outfits for our felt puppets. Ours will not be THIS cute, but RoseBud pronounced them cute nonetheless. I made simple robes for them, felt hair in several colors, 3 crowns, a halo (oops, just realized I forgot to make wings!), a cross, a tomb and some gifts. Can you guess what we'll be acting out? Oh, also made a little baby Jesus wrapped in swaddling clothes (totally random aside: in our Christmas Eve sermon, our pastor read from the New Living Translation (I think) and it says that Baby Jesus was wrapped snuggly in [some sort of cloths]. Anywho, it sounded like she wrapped him in a SNUGGIE when he read it! That gave me a snicker in church)

I also had RoseBud begin cutting out the continents I photocopied. She didn't get very far before running off to go sledding.

10 days from now we'll be leavin' on a jet plane! Whoo hoo! Pray for excellent winter flying weather, please!

Oh, and thank you to
Scott & Shawn
Gus & Julie (and family)
Jon & Aleta

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