Friday, December 18, 2009

Naughty Cat, Poetic Girl

Pepper just cracks me up!

Saffron keeps trying to climb into my Oriental Trading Company box.  It's a huge cardboard box, and I have the lid folded closed (you know, with the flaps tucked into each other)  The only opening is a slit in the top.

Saffron managed to work himself into the box (with the lid still closed).

Pepper is trying to learn her multiplication facts on the computer, next to the box.

She's already frustrated by multiplication.  Now she has to keep disciplining the cat.

I hear her shout:  "Saffron!  No!  I know your schemes and your plans and you may not go in there!"  She lifts him off and sets him on the ground.  

Not 30 seconds later, I hear her again, "No you may not go in there!!!!!!  That is a command and a rule that you are not allowed to break!"

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