Wednesday, December 30, 2009


We passed $4000 today!

Thank you to Staci & Robert
Bridget and Family (who put us over the top!)

Now I challenge you, if you have been planning to donate but have not yet, PLEASE, still do! Let's see if we can make $4500 before we leave! There is much good to be done for Sarah's kids and God has big plans for the money you are sharing!

I knew all along God would provide the funds for this endeavor! Isn't he awesome?

On the note of things for Sarah's kids, I bought a set of student clocks today for $9 (set of 12) so that I can demonstrate with the big clock and the kids can make the times on their little clocks.

We (RoseBud and I went shopping today) also got some more things for the touchy-feely books. We got the thingys that go on the bottoms of your chair legs, both the felt and the rubber ones, some acrylic scrapbook stickers, as well as some metal flower stickers and some gems (probably all choking hazards, now that I think about it--they'll have to read them with supervision) and we bought some permanent markers. Total for Target was $28, so total for today was $37.

RoseBud and I also bought a bunch of stuff for our trip
Pepto Bismol
Hand wipes (antibacterial)
Conditioner (for smothering tiny living creatures that crawl in your hair)
Granola Bars, fruit snacks (for RoseBud, not me!), prunes (for both of us, because we love them) and tuna in a pouch (in case we are starving somewhere, I guess)
A new document pouch because the zipper on my other REALLY NICE one BROKE!
Bungee cords (RoseBud thought for, you know, bungee jumping LOL) for attaching our suitcases together
Ziploc bags
A lice comb (ewwww!)
Laundry soap in a convenient travel size
A neck pillow (will the airlines even let us bring that???)

Total (this was NOT kid money...this was OUR trip money) $105.10 Yikes! We did buy a lot of granola bars.

Wanna know what I'm packing? 5 t-shirts, a skirt, a pair of tan capris, pajamas (1 pair), my salwar kameez, (see photo)

and a pair of sandals. Oh, and some unmentionables, which I won't mention! Y'all don't need to know about my unmentionables. Not that I'm mentioning them.

All are snuggly rolled and sealed into 3 gallon ziplocs. Or 4. I think 4, but there is room in the fourth one. The sandals aren't rolled. You can't roll sandals. Actually, they are still in the basement and I should run and get them right now, before I forget them and end up in India with only my dark brown suede Land's End mocs. That would make a fashion statement. Oh, and must run to get our electrical adapter. Forgot that this morning, too. Good thing I'm planning ahead! I have lots of time to remember the things I forgot!


Anonymous said...

you are one heck of a fundraisererer (er?)!

sandwichinwi said...

Twasn't me, twas God. I was just the messenger. He did the heart-work. I knew that all along!