Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bare Books

One of the projects I want to do with the kids we work with is to make books with them.  I bought these "Bare" books--essentially blank books that we can illustrate and make into books.

I chose board books because I want my kids to make books for the younger kids.  Board books are chunky little books with thick cardboard pages, perfect for toddlers and little kids (they can't rip the pages!)

I'm thinking we'll make color books and my kids can read the books to the younger kids and help them learn colors, English names for colors and signs (sign language, which is what many of the non-verbal kids are learning) for the colors.  This will be as simple as coloring the pages with a marker or drawing pictures of something that color and possibly labeling the page with the name of the color.

What I love about this project is that it will reinforce the learning for the kids making the books by teaching someone else. (even if they know their colors, they can practice on their English by labeling)  Also I love the servant aspect of the project and I think they will be thrilled to do a project which will bless someone else.

I have several projects like that planned.

In addition to the color books, I'd like to make texture books.  I'm brainstorming right now what things would be easy to bring and stick into the books.  I've got velcro (both the fuzzy and the picky sides), sandpaper, felt.  There I'm stumped.  Anyone have any suggestions for some relatively flat, easy to glue in items that have interesting textures?

And the third book I'd like to make with them is some sort of Bible story book where they can "read" the story to the younger kids.

Cost for the Bare Board Books:  $39 for 30 books. (shipping was a very reasonable $3 and they came in about 3 days!  I was very impressed!)


Robin and Kyle said...

I love the texture book idea.
What about corduroy, burlap, and any other funky textures you can find at a fabric store?

Anonymous said...

How about aluminum foil, wax paper, double sided tape, cotton, or ribbon (maybe only attach one end).

sandwichinwi said...

Ooh, good ideas! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

sand paper.

stickers, fuzzy ones, I think they may have rough glitter ones too. not sure