Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Introducing Isaac!

Isaac is a singer.  On December 2, many of the kids from SCH competed in the Special Olympics.  Isaac won a singing competition and got an award!  Here he is singing his song.

Isaac's challenge is nystagmus (both eyes shake from left to right) although he had surgery for that in April 2008 which helped to stem it.  He also has some mild speech issues.

Isaac goes out to private school and is of average to above-average ability.  Because he spent most of his years in the gov't orphanage, he never had the opportunity to go to school and thus he is delayed.  He just turned 9 years old.
He likes the ocean, riding in the car and his best friend, Caleb (whom you already met).

Caleb (on left) and Isaac (right)

Isn't he a CUTIE!?

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Aunti said...

Now that I'm seeing all these kids I wish I was going!!