Tuesday, December 8, 2009

You Are All So Generous!

Thank you to

Barb & Keith
Tim & Gayle
Linda & David
Amy & Tom (& kids, I'm sure!)
Michelle & Terry

We are getting so close!  Less than $1400 to go!

Sarah is looking at wheelchairs today, and from what she said yesterday, there might be some good ones available for between $100 and $400.  I would really like to help to purchase at least one.  I will also be sending a check very soon to help out with some of the immediate expenses with the new kids.  Thank you everyone SO much for your generosity!

Please spread the word of this ministry and share Sarah's blog with others.  The more people who see it, the more who are available to help.  And if this ministry touches you, please consider sponsoring a child!  Any amount, given on a regular basis is a HUGE help to Sarah's ministry.  Remember, she has not corporate sponsors, as of yet.  All funds to run the homes come strictly from individual donors like you.

I have been so blessed by everyone's generosity in helping me fundraise for this trip.  God's blessings!

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