Monday, December 14, 2009

Is This the Cutest Thing EVER????? (or what!)

...the shirt, I mean, not Rose Bud!

It looks way tinier in person.  It's a 0-3 mo. fleece sweatshirt from Land's End.  I was at the inlet the other day and found this on the clearance rack for (are you ready?) $3.50!!!  Won't that be CUTE on one of the babies?

I also found 2 size 4 fleece sweatshirts for some of those skinny-no-body-fat little peanuts Sarah just brough home. (They were less than $9 each) and some socks for $1 a pair and a teeny-tiny pair of knit shorts.  CA-YUTE!

So, I spent another $27.38.  I know.  This was sort of whim shopping, but those kids are SO skinny!  And it gets down to about 60 degrees there now.  There's even times of the year when they wear stocking hats.  I know from experience, those tropical kids can't handle the cold weather.  Banana Boy still hates to play outside in the winter and it took TWO years before he could even get dressed up in his snow stuff and stay out more than 5 minutes!

So one of you who gave about $25, you claim this purchase in your heart.  Know that you made some little ones very, very warm!

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