Monday, December 28, 2009

My Tripmates

Leslie, adoptive mom of 2 from India.  Her daughter Nandini was at BSSK with Sunshine.  Organizing the trip.

Faye, fellow blogger, tagging along on our trip.  She will be staying with RoseBud and me at our hotel in Newark and the 3 of us are going to the Statue of Liberty on our layover!  She didn't know any of us before signing up to go.

Cherie, lived in Mexico doing missions for 5 years

Emily, her 13 yo daughter

Scott and daughters Kailee and Katie (18 and 16)

Linda, John and their dd Sam (age 16)

That's our official group, all 12 of us! 

There is also Erin, who is going on her own and staying a whole month, but who will be there at the same time we are.  She actually arrives a day after we do.

And that's all I know about everybody!

Thank you to Charlie and Cynthia for their donation!

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