Monday, May 18, 2009

Track Meet 6

Rose Bud had a great night!

She looked to be 5th in the 100 m. They only announced the first 3 places at this meet. She was 4th in her heat but there was one really fast girl in the second heat that I'm pretty sure was faster than Rose Bud.

Whatever, she ran 15.16s, her best so far. For kicks, we looked up the World Records for women's track. Florence Griffith Joyner ran 10.49 in the 100m, a record that has stood since 1988. Rose Bud was -10 years old then!

In the Long Jump, she had her best jump so far, 12' 4 1/4" and placed 2nd!!! (World Record: 24.67 FEET)

And in the 400m, she was FIRST! Her first win. Her time was 1:11.36

Go, Rose Bud!!!!

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