Monday, May 25, 2009

Can I Read in My Head?

Banana Boy has become an amazing reader! It has really just clicked for him, effortlessly. And he has also discovered the joy of reading.

Rose Bud, Daisy and Pepper are all bookworms, Daisy and Pepper are crazy obsessive bookworms.

BB sees that, I guess and just knows that it's what kids around here do. So he is becoming a bookworm, too.

The other night I was at work and he wanted to read in bed before going to sleep, just like his sisters do. Mr. GT informed him that he needed to go to sleep. Or that it was too dark. Or something. I wasn't here, remember?

But he COULD put his book next to his bed and read when he woke up in the morning, Mr. GT said.

Still hoping to get his way and read before bed, BB asked, "How about if I just read in my head like the girls do?"

Huh? What?

Ahh! Then Mr. GT got it. BB wanted to read silently, rather than out loud, which is all he's done so far.

My boy is growing up.

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