Friday, May 8, 2009

Track Meet 4

This was an invitational and there were 9 schools there. Coaches picked who participated in each event.

They never announced the official standings, so we don't know if she placed. But here's how she did

100m 4th in her heat. Time 16.23 seconds. This was the first time they told them their times. There were 4 heats.

400m 6th in her heat out of 2 heats. Her time was 1:11, her personal best time!

Long Jump We were watching the jumps at the pit and watching the measurements. Rose Bud jumped 12' even and as far as we could tell, only one other girl jumped better. 12' was also her personal best jump!

So while she might not have placed, she improved on her previous attempts.

Even more importantly, she is such a good sport! She was never frustrated or upset by how she did. She cheered on all her teammates and congratulated her opponents at the finish. Her whole team showed great sportsmanship.

It was a very fun meet!

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