Monday, May 18, 2009

A Story

Once there was a family. Daddy, Mommy, Spider, Rose Bud, Daisy, Pepper, Banana Boy and Sunshine. They decided to go to Hawaii.

Grandma and Papa came. They had to take care of the chickens.
And Spider. And Sunshine.
Everybody else went to the airport.

They parked their van there

And flew away to Hawaii. (domestic flight seating isn't the luxury it once was)Here they are in Hawaii. (not as lush as we expected)

Every day, Grandma and Papa took Sunshine to school

Miss Cindy, Miss Kathy and Miss 'Nette can't wait to see Sunshine!
Every day Grandma and Papa brought Sunshine home from school again.

At night, Sunshine came out of his own bed and slept by Grandma.

One day, Grandma and Papa had to go back to their own home. Miss Janna picked Sunshine up instead
and took him to her house to stay with her family: Mr. Lilo, Miss Janna, Joey, Peter, Map, Momo, Mikayla and Maddie.
At night, Sunshine slept by Miss Janna. (Sorry, Mr. Lilo, looks like the floor for you!!!)

In the morning, Miss Janna took Sunshine to school and then picked him up again when it was done.

Meanwhile, everyone else flew home from Hawaii.

And when Miss Janna and Sunshine got home, there was a surprise!

Everyone hugged Sunshine.
And they all were home together again.


sarah bess said...

What a creative idea for a post.

Recovering Noah said...

LOL - that's too cute Sandwich. I'm not sure what impresses me more... the storyline, the idea, or the fact that you might single handedly own every single Little People figure that was ever made....

sandwichinwi said...


I do have a "thing" for Little People.

hmmm. That didn't come out right...