Monday, May 18, 2009

AWANA Awards Night

Banana Boy, Pepper and Daisy attend AWANA every week. They are all excellent memorizers (read: they can memorize long passages with very little effort). Daisy and Pepper are also extremely self-motivated. Every school morning, they get up and read their Bibles and practice their AWANA verses first thing, without being told.

Banana Boy--well, lucky for him, he is an even better memorizer than they are because most of the time I didn't remember to work with him on his verses until Tuesday night or Wednesday morning.

Did I mention they go to AWANA every Wed. night?

So by working hard, both girls finished their book for the year and Pepper also finished her review book. She was the only one in her grade to do so.

Banana Boy not only finished his book, he also finished the review section and the review book! And let me tell you, we, I mean HE, earned that ribbon because the last two weeks, he had to learn 5 verses. Each week. And they weren't short.

Anyway, I'm a little proud of them. Here are the pictures from awards night.

(actually, now that' I'm looking through the pictures for the first time, there aren't any actual pictures of their awards. Banana Boy IS receiving his award in the picture.)

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