Thursday, May 28, 2009

I did NOT steal this idea from Leslie

No, really, I didn't! I have been tossing and turning it around in my mind for a week, but since her latest comment, it's going to look like I did.

Well, folks, great minds worry alike! Here goes:

How do you justify spending $4000 to travel to India to help out Sarah's kids?

What I mean is, think what $4000 would do in India! Cash. Dinero. Rupees. 190, 373.5 rupees, to be exact.

So what if Rose Bud and I stayed home and just sent the money? What if our whole group of 15 people did? (ok, THAT thought I DID steal from Leslie)

What justifies going as opposed to just giving?

Is this just selfish wanting-to-go-to-India on my part?

I'm a bad user-of-scripture to support my position. I tend to think I "get" God and know what he wants.

Isn't there something in the Bible about being his hands and feet? I can't find it on Bible Gateway.

I always feel a little wicked (ooh, I just accidentally typed "wicken." Wonder what that Freudian slip means??? I know. It's not spelled "wicken" so probably it means nothing)

Back to my thought... I always feel a little wicked searching out Bible verses to support what I want to say/think/do. Like I'm manipulating God. I could probably come up with a verse to support whatever position I want to take. I'm sure that's not how it works. After all the Bible is there for God to talk to us, right?

I am way off track. This tangent has gone into outer space.

Anyway, go vs. send. I'm sure there are some Bible verses to support going. I know God loves a cheerful giver.

I do have some coherent thoughts in answer to my conundrum, but that is for the next post.


Recovering Noah said...

Ah, don't make me rethink going. Listen, this is how I think about it...

I went to India on a trip for 6 weeks on a Rotary program nearly 10 years ago. My entire exchange program fell through and it could've ended up being a waste. I wound up hanging out with one of of the professors on the trip and he visited orphanages. That one trip changed the course of my life forever. Yes, Rotary spent a ton of money on me for a business trip that didn't get realized... but soooo much came from that one trip.. and you can't put a monetary value on it.

Because of that trip... we adopted Noah. Which then led us to Eli and to Nandini. Noah's story has helped so many children with autism. If it weren't for him, I would've never found out about Sarah. Now, we're going to help Sarah. I mean, every encounter has the possibility to lead to a life changing event - for you and for someone else.

What if one of the teens going decides to grow up and be a missionary? Or adopt a child? Or run a children's home in a third world country? What if she decides to go into medicine or occupational therapy or social work.. just from going on this trip. And then she'll have the opportunity to change hundreds, if not thousands, of lives.

But a lot of times it takes going there and being there and breathing the air and seeing the kids and experiencing it firsthand in order for it to really sink in.

I know you've been to India before - me, too - but not in this capacity. This is huge.

In other words, I understand your thoughts - and I know you'll do what's best for you and Rosebud.. but, shoot, let's just say I hope you come on the trip. ;-)

Tamara B said...

How beautiful are the hands and feet that bring the good news... something like that in Is 52:7 I think. Funny how you can recall a verse but not where its found... I don't like when that happens.

Found your blog via Holt's website. Excited to read what you've been up to.