Wednesday, May 6, 2009

More Awww

Here are the details you all been waiting anxiously for....

Hello, Chickie! I will SQUEEZE you!
Meet Comet, a Golden Comet hen
Iris, another Golden Comet hen (thanks to Mr. GT, my girls have all inherited the non-ability to have their eyes open in photos)
Lilac, a bantam something, won't know if it's a hen or rooster for a while
Banana Boy's White Wyandotte hen (no name as of yet)
Lily, an Aracauna hen (see the eyes???)

first column on left, from bottom: Lily (Aracauna), Comet (Golden Comet), no name (White Wyandotte)
middle column of 4, from bottom: Baby Violet (bantam), Little Lilac (bantam), Iris (Golden Comet), Hushinski (Rare breed, straight-run, some sort of Polish)
Last 3 on right, from left: Caffe (Aracauna, belongs to Rose Bud), Elle (or El, depending if it turns out to be a rooster, Bantam, also belongs to RoseBud), Chipmunk (some rare breed)

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