Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Sunshine Day!!!!

Breakfast in bed: Crepes and Chai Tea

Rose Bud, I SNEEZE on you! Achoo! I mean, Thank you! (bottle of Coty Wild Musk-yes! I still wear the same perfume I wore in high school, thank you very much.)

Thank you, Daisy, for the beautiful potted plant! (thank you, Sunday School teacher !) What's up with the weird shadow in my room?

Thank you, Pepper for the pretty flower (thank you Sunday School teacher)

One, Two, Three, Four. All my beautiful children. Wait! don't I have FIVE children?

Ah, yes, my sweet Banana Boy. He didn't get to help in the kitchen the way he wanted, so he was having a pity party on the couch. So, if Muhammed won't come to the mountain, the mountain (that would be me) must come to Muhammed. We had our own little Mother's Day celebration downstairs, he and I. Then he was happy and joined the rest of us upstairs.


And Sunshine gave me a funny little book about 31 Things Moms are Good At. Or some such title. It was cute. He thought it was his book. And his bag. And his wrapping paper. And his breakfast in bed.

Happy Sunshine Day!

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