Tuesday, February 26, 2008

You know you have too many kids when...

uh, yeah. Yesterday it was six months since Martand came home, and I mostly forgot about it until late afternoon! I didn't even put it on the Blessing blog! Bad Mommy.

er, it was because I was, uh, playing with him all day! Yeah, that's it! I was so busy enjoying him that I didn't have time to blog or post. uh huh.

Ok, seriously, I can't believe it's been six months. What I wouldn't give for a little India heat right now!

Mr. Sunshine is so smart and so cute and so sweet! Every night that I am home (not working) I put him to bed and he snuggles up in my lap. Last night he wanted to lie next to me and then he puts his hand inside my shirt on my back. He is so busy, that these snuggle times are precious. He reminds me of Rose Bud when she was small. She was the same way.

He is the most observant little person. When we fold laundry, he pulls out each piece and names its owner. Now how many 2 yo boys know which sister owns which shirt?!

He is crazy about his daddy and runs to him when he comes home. As soon as Daddy gets up in the morning, Sunshine is right there padding after him. They do exercises and then eat breakfast together. He helps Dad get all his stuff and makes sure Dad kisses everyone.

At naptime, he can't lie down until he has gotten kisses from everyone and he loves when I dance him and sing to him before his nap. He's always mad for the first 3 seconds when I lay him down, but then he goes right to sleep.

Right now he's all bundled up in his snowsuit, playing outside with his sisters and brother. He just toddles after them whereever they go. He LOVES to be out in the snow!

I can't explain with words how blessed we are by this little boy. How wonderful that God chose us to be his parents.


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