Monday, February 25, 2008

Even the shovels have had enough!!!

Here was the reaction of our shovel upon learning that another 3-8" of snow is expected today!(click on the picture to see it up close--it's even funnier!)

Here you can see why he's so upset. He's worked hard this winter.

But truly, I am blessed to live in the most beautiful place in the world!

I love how beautiful our yard is in the winter.

Yesterday, we were so blessed to have dinner with my mom. We don't do this nearly often enough. The seven of us went to look for eagles on the Wisconsin River. We saw six, but none up close. Still, they are beautiful when they are soaring way up in the sky.

There weren't any eagles at this lookout and the puddles were so interesting!

On the way home we decided to swing by my mom's, so I called her and suggested we come for supper! She was completely unprepared, but also completely unfazed. She whipped up some fabulous ham and cheese sandwiches, opened a bag of chips and a can of baked beans and we were all set. Mr. GT did a few chores for her, I checked out her new aquarium and the kids played with their favorite toys. It was a lovely evening! (And I didn't have to make supper!)

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