Monday, February 4, 2008


I am just so blessed by my wonderful kids.

Sunshine is just so darn cute! Today he sat on my lap during school and played with the sorting farm animals. We got out the mommy duck and the baby duck and the mommy cow and the baby cow and the mommy sheep and the baby sheep. I was making the calf call for its mommy and he kept making the duck respond. Then I, the calf, would shout, "nooooo!" and run away, which cracked him up every time.

Banana Boy is such a different animal than I am used to. He loves music and dancing and making up songs. He is forever hopping around making up music or singing hymns or little made-up praise songs. Today day it was, "Oh, Lord, God, you are so Good! Oh, God, you are so Bad. I praise you. Ooooh ooh ooh ooh" Obviously his theology is a little skewed. I have to remind myself to learn from his differences and to use them in getting along with him. He responds so well if I sing directions to him rather than telling him. He also was making beautiful music with two hands on the piano today and kept asking, "Mom, is that beautiful?"

Daisy has the sweetest little heart and she is my artist. She has been working on a set of animals she stenciled, then colored and added details to. She mounted each one on colored paper and cut out around them. Today she wanted to give them to Sunshine but didn't want him to wreck them. I suggested a mobil, so we strung them up and hung a cool mobile over his bed.

Daisy also read both her lapbooks outloud to herself today in a perfect French accent. Now we've been studying the American Indians and have not talked about the French in the least. But Rose Bud took French last semester and also pretends French, and Mr. GT is famous for his terrible French accent. So she read to herself for about 20 minutes with a French accent. It was so funny and I wish I had taped it.

Which brings me to Pepper, who, after Daisy had finished her French monologue and left the room, read her own lapbook, very quietly to herself (she thought I couldn't hear her in the next room) in a TERRIBLE French accent. It was the cutest thing!

And here's a cute Pepperism. Last night, we had our Super Bowl party and she got really full, plus everything was salty. She was whining about how thirsty she was, but she was too full to drink anything. After complaining for 20 minutes, she finally said in an exasperated voice, "I'm SO thirsty and dry, but so very full!"

And Rose Bud. She is caught right now between being a little girl and becoming a teenager. We haven't hit an serious attitude yet, which I count a blessing! But she's been sleeping up a storm lately. Thursday night she lay down with Sunshine to put him to bed and fell asleep with him at 6:15! Friday night she crawled into a sleeping bag on the couch and fell asleep at 7:00. Saturday, she had MoJo overnite and they were BOTH asleep by 7:30!

Last night she was all tired out again, having been at a gymnastics birthday party all afternoon. She was so sweet and snuggly and laid in my lap for half an hour, just cuddling. It's been a long time since we did that! I am treasuring every snuggle and lap-holding at this point because I know they will soon be over.


Oh, how 'bout those Giants?!!! Banana Boy won the 4th quarter and Pepper won the final score. Sunshine ended up with 15 bucks!

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