Saturday, February 9, 2008

Snow Many Blessings

I am blessed by snow. REALLY, REALLY blessed! We are setting a record here in our area for the snowiest winter. The old record was from 1978 and yes, I remember that winter, too! So far we have had upwards of 60" (that's 5 feet for you math-challenged).

Why do I feel blessed by 5' of snow? Because even thought that's a ridiculous amount

1) It is prettier than a dead, bare, brown winter

2) The kids can play outside in it. If it was a warm, muddy winter it would be too mucky to send them out (well, they'd like it, but I'd be doing wash all the time!)

3)School gets cancelled and I get to hang out with Rose Bud

4)It's going to make the creek run like crazy, which will thrill the kids (and me--I love running water)

5) Shoveling is good exercise

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