Thursday, February 21, 2008

A Week's Worth of Blessings

Ok, I haven't been here.

I was blessed with a wonderful Valentine's day. My sweet husband gave me a beautiful card, Reese's peanut butter cups and a new Third Day CD. Thanks honey! The kids all made Valentines for me and each other and were very generous with their love.

The aforementioned sweet husband and my generous mother and my best friend gave me a weekend away to scrapbook from Thursday noon until Sunday afternoon! What a luxury! I got so much done in my scrapbooks, I napped every day, stayed up late and slept late. It was awesome! Thanks everybody for keeping the kids!

We are blessed to have an awesome piano teacher for Daisy, who is really into the piano right now. Her teacher, Miss Gretchen is totally willing to let Daisy lead the way and is excellent about letting her move as fast or as slow as she needs to. She also is very supportive of playing by ear, which is a wonderful gift Daisy has. Each week Daisy gets an "ear" assignment in addition to her regular practice work.

We were blessed with clear weather to see the lunar eclipse last night! Or part of it, at least. I was driving the AWANA bus (my van, loaded with 6 AWANANITES)and it was so much fun to witness their excitement as we drove around dropping kids off and checking out the moon at each stop. The kids and I went to bed just as it fully eclipsed (or WAS fully eclipsed) so we only saw the first half. But it was still cool!

According to Pepper, we are blessed to have two parents in our family, because "kids need so much lovin'!"


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