Friday, February 1, 2008

Blessed by a Moose

Today we have been blessed by our new godson, Moose. He is spending the weekend with us while his mommy and daddy and his Dennis and the rest of his brothers and sisters are at the waterpark. He is an absolute sweetheart and even though he is only 7 months old and so, very much still a puppy, he is gentle as can be and very calm.

We took him for a walk on the bike trail. It seemed long to the kids, and Moose was pretty tired by the end, too, but we only went about half a mile.

These pictures TOTALLY do NOT do him justice! He is enormous! You can see he is as tall as Sunshine. The last picture is my mom's parti-poodle, weighing all of 8 or 10 lbs. in Moose's crate. Her dog is as big as our cat.

Ok--timeout to mention that this smell, cough, cough, is NOT a blessing! Uaaach, Moose!

I have also be ENORMOUSLY blessed by my sweet husband, who on his day off, spent the whole day shopping with Sunshine! Sunshine is a wonderful blessing and I love him to bits, but, oh, my, it is nice to have a break! I could sit down on the floor (this was before Moose arrived) and play a game with thousands of tiny pieces with Pepper and Banana Boy. I worked with the girls on their lapbooks. I helped Banana Boy do some more math (he's determined to finish his math book--Singapore Early Bird 1B)

Not only did sweet Mr. GT take the baby, but he also ran a gazillion errands, grocery shopping, Target run, Christian bookstore and more.

I was blessed with a nose kiss from Rose Bud this morning, although I think I'd take the forehead. Ewww.

Rose Bud is also such a blessing with her little brother. Last night, she laid down with him in our bed at 6:15 (he had an early nap due to piano lessons and was pooped out!) and they both promptly fell asleep! I guess public school pooped Rose Bud out! But when she puts him to bed, she strokes his back and sings to him. It's very sweet.

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