Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My Snow Bunnies

Three to five more inches on the way!

Here are 5 pictures of my tropical snow bunnies. The first 2 winters, Banana Boy shivered and froze from September through June. Even in summer, he was happy to wear long sleeves or pants. Sunshine is much more warm-blooded. He LOVES to play out in the snow and seldom is shivery. Now, 3 1/2 years home, Banana Boy has finally acclimated to the climate.

My Indian Blessings
Aren't they sweet?

Banana Boy's tree
Too deep, Mama!!

1 comment:

Noah Bear said...

Oh, Sandwich. My worst nightmare is living somewhere where the temperature dips below 50 degrees. Also, I still, after all these years, can't fathom why people would actually spend their precious vacation-time to pay and go skiing. Why would someone actually want to go out in the snow on purpose? :-)
But I'm glad that both your boys have gotten used to it. Better them than me! :-) :-)