Saturday, February 2, 2008

Life with Moose

is a hoot! He is the best dog! I'd keep him, if I could, but Mr. GT does not concur. He (Moose, not Mr. GT)is absolutely sweet and gentle. Today Sunshine was sitting on him (Moose, not Mr. GT) while Moose lay on the floor!

We are so blessed to live near a rehabilitated railroad grade which is now a bike trail where we can go for walks, with or without a dog. Moose and I went two miles this morning--he dragged me the first mile and I dragged him the second! He was one tired-out dog! He also cleared the trail of all burrs.

I am blessed to live in small town America with an old-fashioned main street and stores where we can buy almost anything we need without having to patronize Wally World. I so shop at Target, which I guess is almost as evil, but at least it's a nicer experience. However, I try to shop locally as much as I can. Today I was in search of a better leash for Mooster. I wanted a flexi-lead so he wouldn't keep throwing out my back. Three places had them, two places had size large, but no one had an extra-large. But I did find him a chew bone and a big rope knot thingy. He loves the rope knot thingy and is so happy to have a toy (hint, hint to his FAMILY!)

I am blessed to have grown up with the chore of picking up dog doo, so I am a pro at that. Can't imagine trying to move those mountains unskilled! Thanks mom, for instilling me with responsibility!

Today we are blessed by a visit from MoJo. Her mom is one of my best friends and she is one of Rose Bud's best friends. They are working on a school project together. Well, they are supposed to be, but currently, they are baking cookies. Previous to that, they played with Moose. MoJo has been hanging with us since she was a teeny-tiny and I had the pleasure of babysitting for her and her sister for half a year. MoJo, a cutie at two, left a beautiful orange scribble on our living room post that I never had the heart to remove. Unfortunately, it's been lost in our remodel, but she was here 8 years later the day the walls were getting closed up and was able to put her handprints in paint inside the walls (Rose Bud, too!) So we will forever have a piece of MoJo in our home.

And I am blessed by kids who get along (most of the time) and are so sweetly playing the Scrambled States of America together. Pepper is patiently explaining the rules to Banana Boy. When they are getting along, they are the best of friends and this is one of the great blessings of homeschooling--that they can spend so much time together as siblings.


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