Sunday, February 3, 2008

Quickies for today

A couple of quick blessings since it's late.

We had a fun Super Bowl party at home. My mom came over and brought a pizza. We made little smokies in the crockpot and some velveeta/salsa dip. Mr. GT made a coffee cream pie and I made punch for the kids with oj, pineapple juice and Squirt soda (a big treat!) The Fox channel didn't come in very well (we don't have cable) so we watched a very fuzzy game. We made up a pool with the scores with a $5 per quarter prize donated by Mr. GT. One of the fun things about having a big family is you can have a football pool! That's no fun with only one kid! (Bonus blessing, there). Anyway, the game is so boring and the score has been 7-3 for so long. Sunshine won the first and second quarters!(third quarter's not over yet) Guess he'll get a little bump in his college fund!

I was blessed to have a nap with Daisy this afternoon all snuggled in my bed.

It was a blessing to be the Children's Church leader at the late service today. I love this ministry and I love when it is my turn. The kids are so much fun. The Bible story was Noah's ark and I let them act it out after we read it. They had fun choosing parts (we had pairs of tigers, lions, giraffes, doves, kitty cats, dogs and flamingos!) We even had a rainbow! When I asked for volunteers, one little boy raised his hand and he was actually wearing a rainbow-colored tie-dye t-shirt! He was a perfect rainbow!

We were blessed to see Moose go crazy for his family when they came to pick him up. He definitely knew his people, although he was starting to feel pretty at-home here, too. He was happy to see me when I got home from church.

We are immeasurably blessed with such an abundance of food. Today was the Souper Bowl of Caring at church and they collected money in big soup pots to fight hunger. The kids and I talked a little about how we are so blessed to have plenty of food all the time, but some people have empty refrigerators. This is a blessing we really take for granted. I was pleased to hear Banana Boy pipe up about the food pantry and how it helps people get food. Mr. GT and one or two of the kids volunteer once a month at our local food pantry.

Go, Giants.


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