Monday, September 22, 2008

My Perfect Life

This post is for all of you out there (and I know you're there, because you've told me so!) who think I am such a perfect mom with a perfect life.

I have Banana Boy home from school today because he couldn't get it together long enough to eat breakfast and get dressed before the bus came. He was too busy shouting at Rose Bud that he was going to kill her and it was all her fault. What did she do? She nicely asked him to let Sunshine sing at the breakfast table.

I have Rose Bud who then went on to lecture me on (in front of him) how letting BB stay home from school today would result in him always wanting to stay home from school. Uh. Thanks. Your point? So he flunks out of kindergarten and gets homeschooled. More time with mom = more bonding = a more well-adjusted attachment disordered kid.

Daisy can't play outside. Ever. A dog might come into the yard. All requests for children to now go burn off their energy outside are met with whining and tears.

Pepper can't walk today because she dreamt that Daisy stabbed her in the leg with a knife (hope my social worker isn't reading this today) and so today her leg hurts. She can't walk, only limp. I chased her out to sit in the sun (without sunscreen) to read a stack of books.

Sunshine is on his 3rd set of unders and probably needs another change. He has stubbornly refused to listen to any request, command, order or instruction today. All such requests are met with "NO!" and a grin.

And the cat found my diva cup in the shower and took it to the basement to chew on.

Gross? Well, welcome to my perfect life.

At least I have coffee.

Edited to add: THIS is why I read other blogs. Thank you to Mary at Owlhaven for putting my day into perspective. And thank you to God for speaking to us through others.


Owlhaven said...

Hang in there! I have days like this too!!


Kristin said...

Hey Sandwich,
I certainly know that "so very helpful" teen-type! The only thing that saves me is knowing I was just like her and I changed. Didn't I?


Recovering Noah said...

Is it terrible that I smiled throughout this whole post?? I think it's because I can relate. Your kids do crack me up. They have really cool personalities. :-)